Leaving Your Mark

Two years ago I decided to coach travel baseball again after taking several years off to focus on work and family. My intentions were clear from the beginning – I wanted to help players get better at the sport and prepare them for high school baseball over two years. Last week we played our final game, losing a close one in dramatic (but heartbreaking) fashion.

I have wrestled with the decision of whether to move on or continue coaching the boys for an additional season. After announcing to my parents about one month before the end of this season that it would be my last, several boys on the team who I had coached since they were 8 years old tried to persuade me to continue. This made the decision even more difficult.

However, I know that what I’m doing is right – both for the kids and for me. I “left my mark” on them the best way I knew how and am turning them loose to a new voice who will guide them in the next phase of their baseball career.

Are you currently wrestling with a difficult personal or professional decision? Is it time for you to take the next step and do something different? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What was my initial commitment? Have I honored it?
  2. Is the role/position/team/department better off because of my involvement? Am I leaving things in a better place than before I started?
  3. Is the team/department set up for future success?
  4. What can I do to aid with the transition to ensure it is smooth?

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