Olympics Competition: Going for the Gold

There is no bigger team than one’s country. In the Olympics, amateur and professional athletes alike clamor at the opportunity to represent their nation on the world’s biggest sports stage every four years. Whether competing individually or as part of a team, it is easy to see athletes’ passion, pride and emotions on display. These dreams start early in life, where individuals committed to excellence attempt to reach the pinnacle and compete against other top athletes around the world. Nike’s commercial for the Rio games, Unlimited You, sheds light on why we should all dream big and work hard in the hopes that we one day “Go for the Gold”.

I have the utmost respect for the amateur athlete who trains for years with the hope of being selected to the Olympic team. Take a look as some Olympians share the extreme challenges they face in their training preparation. It is a selfless drive for sport/competition that compels them to push their body and mind beyond what they thought possible.

Personal stories behind specific athletes and what compels them to compete at the highest level are fascinating. Sports Illustrated features snapshots of United States Olympic athletes and their backgrounds. Consider Matt Stutzman, Paralympic Archery competitor and 2012 Sliver Medalist born with no arms. Stutzman began archery in 2009 to help put food on the table for his family, and is now one of the best in the world, regardless of physical restrictions.

Leaders in organizations need to discover ways to tap into their employees and help them achieve new heights. Team chemistry and ongoing success are reliant upon leadership’s ability to uncover employee passions and address developmental needs. Are you ready to propel your organization to “Go for the Gold”?

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