Measure what Matters.

How do you define "success"? When and how will you know?

We'll partner with you every step of the way, and help you Unleash Your Talent®.

Learning Curve Consultants® provides clients with expert, end-to-end solutions that address Training Development, Talent Management, Performance Management, Program Management and other Human Resources needs. The services can be broken down into three key categories:

1. IDENTIFY: Needs and Gaps

The key to any successful intervention or implementation is proper diagnosis of business needs and performance gaps. Based on the situation and proposed business need(s), Learning Curve Consultants® can perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • Facilitation of formal training needs analysis to uncover or validate business issues, gaps, and needs
  • Creation and deployment of online surveys and subsequent results/recommendations
  • Facilitation of focus groups for information gathering and identification of business issues and needs

2. IMPLEMENT: Appropriate Intervention(s) 

Once the appropriate information is gathered from identified areas of the organization, Learning Curve Consultants® will provide suggestions for one or more interventions it believes will address specific business needs. These solutions may be “build” or “buy” solutions and may come in one or more of the following forms:

  • Instructional design
  • Curriculum design (e.g., new hire orientation, high potential development, new manager training)
  • Custom training development (guides, job aids, materials, exercises, and activities)
  • Computer-based training
  • Development planning
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Training/facilitation
  • Consultative services in the areas of – coaching and feedback, development planning, 360 degree reviews, and identification needs and solutions

3. MEASURE: Impact (Results) of Intervention

As mentioned above, any intervention that does not have up front goals and objectives and built-in accountability measures will not have the desired impact on employees or the organization. Learning Curve Consultants® will partner with you to ensure you have the right performance measures in place to assess properly the success of any intervention.

  • Evaluations to measure course and instructor effectiveness
  • Commitment forms to focus each employee’s experience
  • Assessments to ensure understanding and retention of key concepts
  • Online or written surveys to measure application and retention (30/60/90 days)
  • Various metrics to assess Return On Investment (ROI)